How Do You Cite a Website In An Essay  

How Do You Cite a Website In An Essay

This essay is going to shed light on how to cite a website in an essay. There are specific guidelines associated with this citation format. According to Modern Language Association, the maintenance of personal copies of electronic details is necessary when referencing electronic sources such as Jstor, YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify. Throughout the writing process, it is advisable to save web page and electronic address information because it will make the act of citation easier.

According to MLA citation format, when dealing with websites, the date of access to the web page should be mentioned in the work cited page at the end of the paper. The most effective method is to highlight what is termed the URL so that the reader of the paper could identify the sources. It is important to add that websites and addresses are not fixed, but they undergo a perpetual change and appear in a myriad of databases. What is essentially required in MLA in-text citation of URLs, is www.address. Furthermore, in the case of scholarly journal articles which are not printed in any books, periodicals, or articles, the citation of the database address becomes mandatory. It is also worth mentioning that online magazines and journals can be referenced through permalink instead of citing a URL.

The basic method for the citation of online databases is to find out the necessary information related to the author, article name, title of the book, website or project, the publisher name, and date; citing the URL or permalink, and the date of access is necessary. The writer of the paper must pay attention to the date of their access to the online sources. As an example of an entire website, the writer is expected to list: the editor, writer, name of the electronic site, publisher, and finally date of access.

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