Can I get a tattoo during pregnancy?
Can I get a tattoo during pregnancy?

A bright personality remains in any situation. Therefore, many young women are interested in whether it is possible to get tattoos during pregnancy? Does it depend on the term, how critical is it if you first made a tattoo, and only then found out that you would become a mother? Can a symbol go bad in 9 months of gestation, how to fix it?

Can pregnant women get a tattoo, and does it depend on the term?

During pregnancy, especially in its early and late stages, the risk of spontaneous abortion increases. Any intervention in this period should be justified, and its benefits to the health of the woman and the fetus should exceed the potential harm.

Even the safest pigments can cause allergies, and during pregnancy, during hormonal adjustment, its most acute forms. Also, any tattoo is accompanied by pain and may require anesthesia. All this is harmful to the unborn child so that a qualified tattoo master will refuse a pregnant client.

Of course, if you are persistent, somewhere, you will surely find someone who wants to earn money. Contacting such “specialists” is always unacceptable, and when you are preparing to become a mother – doubly. A procedure performed in precarious sanitary conditions can cause deadly diseases: hepatitis, HIV.

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Tattoo during pregnancy: is it possible?

First, she got a tattoo, and then she found out that she was pregnant

If you get a tattoo before you learn about pregnancy, don’t worry. If the procedure performed in the licensed salon did not cause negative consequences, then the fetus continued healthy development.

If you were so reckless that you got a tattoo at home, tell your doctor and go through a laboratory examination for infection. The early detection of even dangerous diseases at the level of development of modern medicine often ends with almost complete recovery.

Will she stretch out?

Young women who have had a tattoo on their lower back or abdomen before pregnancy are worried if the skin will not stretch during gestation. Such a risk exists, and its degree depends on your characteristics. You can reduce the likelihood of tattoo deformation by following a series of rules:

  • daily use special body creams for pregnant women or hypoallergenic base oils (corn, olive, coconut, almond, macadamia);
  • follow all the recommendations of your doctor regarding nutrition; this will help to avoid sudden jumps in weight and changes in body volume;
  • wear a bandage – it prevents stretching of the skin of the abdomen and lowers back;
  • After childbirth and breastfeeding, make a tattoo correction in the salon.


  • Do not get a tattoo, preparing to become a mother, but do not worry if you did it without knowing about pregnancy.
  • Take care of your skin during pregnancy and monitor your weight.
  • After birth and lactation, renew the tattoo – it will again become clear and bright.

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