Headache during pregnancy in 1 trimester
Headache during pregnancy in 1 trimester

The first trimester of pregnancy, as a period of life, is very interesting and informative for expectant mothers, and also important for the development of a future baby. In the first trimester, for the first time, a strong awareness appears that another small life has arisen and lives, for which you need to be responsible, listen to all the changes, notice the reincarnations in yourself, respond to fluctuations in mood, well-being and be on the alert.

Feeling well

Apathy, constant drowsiness, fatigue – these are the eternal accompanying the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Often there are changes in the intestinal microflora, leading to impaired bowel movements, bloating, frequent urination, swelling of the mammary glands and a sharp change in mood. To avoid serious disturbances and malfunctions in the body, you need to take walks more often, enjoy natural peace and quiet, choose a simple set of physical exercises to saturate your body with energy and raise your mood, do work with breaks.

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Headache during pregnancy: how to help yourself?


Future mothers, starting from the 1st trimester of pregnancy, feel discomfort and bouts of headaches of different strengths. It can be difficult to determine the true causes of such pain attacks. Headache during pregnancy in the 1st trimester can have such roots:

Headache – causes

Future mommies starting with 1st trimester of pregnancy, they feel discomfort and bouts of headaches of different strengths. It can be difficult to determine the true causes of such pain attacks. Headache during pregnancy in the first trimester can have such roots:

  • Hormonal changes occur in the body, cause adaptation to new hormones, therefore, as a result, the occurrence of a headache.
  • Hypotension – Low blood pressure, relatively constant companion¬†first trimester of pregnancy,¬†especially with the onset of toxicosis.
  • Hypertension – high blood pressure, less common in the first part of pregnancy. It provokes the appearance of edema, protein in the urine can be a signal of serious pathology. It is necessary to be alert and with a little malaise inform the attending physician.
  • Stress or hunger can cause a headache. Eat better often but in small portions. Psycho-emotional instability can be avoided through meditation, focusing on breathing, opening oneself to positive energy. Pictures of nature or just the contemplation of bubbling water perfectly calm and leads to peace of mind.
  • Physical stimuli – flickering light, noises of various nature, pungent odors, a sudden change in body position in space greatly irritate receptors and can cause headaches. It is better for future mothers to avoid such sudden changes, and if there is no way to avoid, take this philosophically, close your eyes and abstract yourself.

What to do if your head hurts?

The easiest method to eliminate headaches are painkillers, but there are other ways to reduce them during pregnancy: Great remedies are compresses. If you put a cold or warm compress on your forehead, it will miraculously relieve you of pain. Do not forget to take a shower, as cold water, for example, helps to narrow the dilated blood vessels. This is the easiest method to eliminate a headache. Do not give up a relaxing and soothing massage. A comprehensive massage made by a professional or with the hands of a loving husband will perfectly relieve pain in your head. It is necessary to ask the massage therapist to give special attention during the massage to the neck, shoulders and spinal muscles, this will also help relieve tension. Usually, a headache is not a serious risk during pregnancy. But in order to maintain confidence and peace of mind, it is better to consult with an observing physician.

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